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We give real estate trends a voice.

The accessibility of real estate development information is greater than ever before. Unfortunately, navigating the countless websites, opinions and statistics makes understanding the Okanagan’s current market status and pending opportunities a rigorous and time consuming exercise. Through market research consultation, we assist many different real estate business professionals and residential consumers in overcoming this challenge:

• Municipal planners
• Land developers
• Low-dense to high-dense home builders
• Realtors
• Buyers and Sellers of Residential Real Estate

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Knew Realty Research Inc. is your local, Okanagan residential real estate expert. We are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to understanding and reporting the current status and upcoming trends in communities and neighborhoods across the greater region.


Micro-geographic trending and forecasting of quantitative and qualitative household attributes. Extensive tracking and accounting of all residential market activity across the Okanagan.


We study current and forthcoming market demands and supply dynamics for differing housing forms, home sizes and sale prices to identify real estate business opportunities.


Our research culminates into a fair evaluation of the viability of our clients real estate business decisions.

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From an Experienced Team of Real Estate Professionals


With almost 20 years of combined real estate, finance and marketing experience, the experts at Knew Realty have unparalleled industry knowledge and insight into the heart of the Okanagan’s residential real estate markets.


Knew is an Okanagan Chapter member of the Urban Development Institute and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association.

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Our clients are ready to be first to market with confidence in their real estate projects. They understand the benefits of staying ahead of real estate trends and how insightful data and strategic analysis can benefit their bottom line.

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