At Knew Realty Research, our team of statistical analysts and market researchers are constantly updating their knowledge of current Okanagan real estate market activities and trends.

We Specialize in Customized Analysis and the Friendly Reporting of the Following:


Demographic Housing Needs Assessments

Ensuring that a residential development maximizes the most value out of its location takes insight and timing. Knew Realty Research maintains up-to-date statistics and projections on the household characteristics of all Okanagan neighbourhoods and can swiftly assess a given areas current and forthcoming needs for new housing amidst that areas ability to afford housing in general.

Consumer Behaviour Studies

While general demographics can help identify a general need for housing, the individual psychographic profile of each household will have the greatest affect on their home buying habits. Knew Realty Research helps clients explore the underlying consumer habits within their catchment areas in order to build a development and marketing strategy that positively sets them apart.

General Residential Sales and Inventory Reports

Knew Realty Research can provide background and current information on any Central or North Okanagan neighborhood, single-family development, or multi-family project including sales and current inventory levels by home size and sale price.

Competitive Research

Knew Realty Research consistently indexes existing and new residential sales data by differing neighbourhood, single-family developments, multi-family project, and builder groups across the Okanagan. From this intelligence, we offer our new residential clients a full spectrum of considerations regarding their current market positions to help them identify new opportunities for growing their business. Popular components of this process include:

Comparing recent sales and current inventory levels to nearby and top performing competitors on the basis of housing type, home size, price point.

Floor plan functionality, in-home features, and specification standard comparisons for similar products or projects.

Sales-team evaluation comparisons (professional secret sale-centre shops).

Residential Development Feasability Study

Knew Realty Research can  assess the market appeal and viability of new residential development’s proposed mix  of housing forms and price points, or by a similar process, prescribe an optimal or best use mix of housing forms and price points for any residential zoned piece of land across the Okanagan. In either case, our analysis provides sound sale and revenue projections for the life of the development.

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